Western Union Money transfer Service

Western Union is a financial service and communications company based in the United States that allows users to send and receive funds to others in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. CIB acts as an agent to western union.

The beneficiary customer is required to present a ‘Ten Digit ‘Money Transaction Control Number (MTCN), a valid Identification including:

  1. a) Passport
  2. b) Driving license
  3. c) Voter’s card
  4. d) National ID
  5. e) Refugee ID with a photo
  6. f) SPLM cards with a seal
  7. g) Travel Document with a photo


  • Funds are received in cash, no need to have a bank Account
  • All fees are paid by the sender
  • It offers a live exchange rate hence having the latest data to stay on top of the market.
  • Funds are received in minutes
  • Payment is made in local currency