RIA Payments Money transfer Service

RIA Financial Services is one of the largest money transfer companies in the world. It renders the service to send funds on behalf of its customers in more than 150 countries worldwide and CIB renders the service to receive the funds on behalf of the Beneficiary customers in Uganda.

The beneficiary customer is required to present an ‘Eleven’ digit Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) or Order Number, a valid Identification including, but not limited to:

  1. a) Passport
  2. b) Driving license
  3. c) Voter’s card
  4. d) National ID
  5. e) Refugee ID with a photo
  6. f) SPLM Card with a Seal

The other identification Documents like student IDs are acceptable on presentation of additional proof of rightful ownership of the funds; such proofs can be possession/ownership of the telephone number quoted by RIA in the system. In the event that a customer cannot present any of the above requirements he/she is required to ask the remitter to quote the ID type and number in the RIA system through the RIA office that sent the funds.

For security, a RIA receiver form as seen below is filled by the recipient.


  • It offers the best exchange Rates to its clients
  • Transactions are safe because they are secured with a personal Identifier code known to only the sender and receiver
  • Convenient as the customer does not have to hold a bank account to transact
  • All fees are paid by the sender
  • Bank Deposits where funds can be transferred to a customer’s account in another bank.