Money Gram Money transfer Service

MONEY-GRAM INTERNATIONAL operates in more than 200 countries and CIB is one of its agents that render the services of receiving/sending the funds on behalf of customers in Uganda.

Receiving Funds

The beneficiary is required to present an’ Eight’ digit Reference Number or Personal Identification Number (“PIN”), a valid Identification including, but sometimes not limited to:

a: Passport
b: Driving license
c: Voter’s card
d: National ID
e: Refugee ID with a photo
f: SPLM Cards with a Seal

Sending funds

If a customer is only sending funds they are required to present a valid identification and fill in a manual form with all the necessary information.


  • Its quick, transaction can be received in minutes.
  • Safe, transactions are processed by a reliable system using security codes and a test question known only by the beneficiary and sender.
  • Inexpensive, transactions are cheaper when it comes to charges for transfers.